Review By CA Aspirant-Chandrasekhar

Greetings to all

My name is Chandra Shekar C, a CA aspirant and a fellow member of the “Deepak Niraj and Associates” family (here after referred to DNA). I am blessed to have a skilled article-ship experience with DNA. I have got a rich exposure in Taxations (Both Direct and Indirect tax).

When sharing my experience other than professional development at the work place, I have got opportunities in taking part in many educative sessions too which helped me get an exposure in developing personal skills too.
Looking up to my principal (Deepak Sir, always cheerful, enthusiastic and a true inspirational Personnel), I have learnt to manage my personal and professional life also levered to tackle problem (if any) in a smarter way. (Like he always motivated all of us towards).

My Seniors have been a real definition to me; who showcased me the trait, of working hard and a constant supervision, could lead one towards the success ladder. A lot of interpersonal skills were developed during this short period (3 years) and it was their kind attribute to give me the best of their knowledge and responded with a cheerful virtue (Irrespective of Being disturbed ∞ times)

To all the friends and members of DNA family, I heartly thank you for being till this time and supported to create one of a chartered sailing adventure – chapter of my life.

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